A word on process and tools – Producteev, Toggl and Waveapps

Whenever I join a new team, or start a new project, I really like to ensure good-process is in place.

Having just joined Hiilite I got a chance to play with some great new tools. Some make really good sense, and others will make sense after I start using the religiously. I will post updates as I go.

Producteev – Task Management Software (Web and Desktop)

Producteev Task Management

This is a great tool for tracking and assigning tasks.

Producteev Pros:

  • Ability to share tasks with a team
  • Reminders
  • Labels

Producteev Cons:

  • Cannot assign sub-tasks to people




Toggl – Time Tracking Software (Web and Desktop)

Toggl Time Tracking

This is an awesome tool for keeping track of billable tasks. Heck, it is even really good at timing tasks like this. I started this blog post 4 minutes and 16 seconds ago and will know exactly how long it takes me to write a quick update.

I just downloaded the desktop app, and will write a brief review later.

Toggl Pros:

– Super easy

– Super quick

– Continues even if you close down your browser window





For those of us on Macs that have been using Parallels or VM Ware to virtualize Windows, just to run Simply Accounting or Quickbooks.

Waveapps Pros:

  •  Web based
  • Integrates with a bunch of other systems
  • Fairly easy to understand
  • Complete accounting package

Waveapps Cons:

  • Does not do recurring automatic payments (this is a big fail)


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