My name is William Walczak and I am a Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada based engineer. I run an IT company, and web/mobile development studio and I am constantly learning, not only through experience, but from the gurus of the industries I work in.

I will post life events and stories here so my family and friends can see what I’ve been up to. Everything from career successes, to culinary achievements. I will also post information on tech, marketing, and business, trends that I find interesting.

Contact me via Twitter @WilliamWalczak or find me on Facebook.

About the Author
His focus is on creating the best possible content, with the most intuitive interface, and completing every project he has undertaken. Computer engineer by trade, he took an interesting path to get to Kelowna. He has worked with many start-ups, large companies and government institutions all over the world (Vancouver, Winnipeg, Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto, London, Cologne and Maastricht.) From military research for the German Ministry of Defence on an aerial-mounted synthetic aperture radar, to local small business, Will has worked with organizations of all shapes, sizes and colours. Along with his Bachelor of Applied Science in Computer Engineering from Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Canada, Will has a diploma in Computer Networking, and many industry certifications, including A+, Network+ and MCSE. Quote: I just want to create.

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